Sen. Kohl

Sen. Herb Kohl Honors Tony King in the U.S. Senate

The United States Senate

May 24, 2007

Sen. Herbert Kohl [D-WI]: Mr. President, today I honor the late Milwaukee jazz legend, Tony King.

Mr. Tony King was an inspiration and mentor to all of his students during his tenure as teacher and director of the jazz program at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music in downtown Milwaukee. As an accomplished pianist, he not only applied his talent to share beautiful music with the world, but also dedicated himself to help foster the talent of young musicians. Mr. King recognized the potential and skill of his students and guided them with respect, care, and humility.

Mr. King's life and legacy will be celebrated this Memorial Day weekend in Milwaukee at the Second Annual Wisconsin Jazz and Heritage Festival at Jamie's Club Theatre. Mr. King's historic contributions to the jazz community in Wisconsin are reflected in the lives and accomplishments of his former students who will return to Milwaukee and perform in his honor. Many teachers hope they have an impact on their students' lives and the community in which they taught. Mr. King's impact will be remembered this weekend in Milwaukee with sounds of happiness, laughter, and the music that he loved so much.


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