Ron Chastain
Ron Chastain
1956 - 2014

Ron Chastain (born July 6, 1956) is an essentially self-taught jazz guitarist. Ron began playing at the age of eight in his home of Greenwood, Arkansas, with an old Silvertone guitar his mother had bought for his brother, who had asthma. His brother had no interest in the guitar, so Ron decided he’d give it a try. A year later, his parents bought Ron his own guitar and amp. His early influence was by finger pickers he saw on television such as Chet Atkins and Roy Clark. Seeing the great jazz orchestras of the era, Les Brown, Duke Ellington, Count Basie perform on television only added fuel to Ron’s desire to become a great guitarist.

He began performing across many genres anywhere he could find a place. His first band was a blue grass/country band, the Backbone Mountain Boys. Later, he played in gospel bands and on worship teams before finally finding his home in jazz. “There is a feeling in Jazz music that is not found in any other musical genre. The audience is drawn into a deep, moving experience in a jazz piece.” Ron has played in a variety of jazz bands, including Odis Elevator and the Flights, Electric Park and the River Katz. More recently, Ron has played alongside his wife, Lanita, and Ronald V. Myers, M.D. as the Roland Jazz Trio in a birthday celebration of Fort Smith, Arkansas native and Jazz Band leader, Alphonso Trent, an event held annually at the National Museum of History in Fort Smith. The trio recently had the priviledge of honoring Oklahoma Jazz Trumpeter, Howard McGhee, with a performance at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Preserving our Oklahoma Jazz Legacy as well as our American Jazz legacy is important to Ron Chastain. Ron can be found with the Roland Jazz Trio laying down jazz every Tuesday night at Alina’s Thai and Chinese Restaurant in Roland, Oklahoma.


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