Free 'Jazz on the Levee' sways the audience

Helana Jazz

Members of the community joined in the
celebration as they were swayed to the
rhythmic beats of the Jazz on the Levee.
The Daily Word Newspaper
Helena, Arkansas

By Melissa Martinez
April 11, 2011

(Helena - West Helena, AR) - June is Black Music Month and Helena-West Helena celebrated the 4th annual “Jazz on the Levee” to commemorate the event. Inspiring musician and featured artist Phillips Stackhouse along with the Delta Jazz Percussion Ensemble swayed the listening audience with rhythmic beats of the congas, drums, bass and the saxophone Saturday continuing the tradition of preserving the unique expression of freedom through jazz and the spiritual essence of people whose lives continue to be the creative catalyst of all America's music.

This year’s annual event was a tribute to Helena native and master jazz saxophonist Red Holloway. “Juneteenth Jazz” is dedicated to the innovators of this great music and the economic, cultural and educational development of the historic community that produced America's most intellectually sophisticated musical expression of freedom for all the world to enjoy," announced Rev. Ronald V. Myers, Sr., M.D. during the festivities.

The listening audience participated in the show by being serenaded, and dancing with the artists. They also helped themselves to refreshments, hot dogs and nachos. The event was free.

Featured National Juneteenth Jazz artists included: Rev. Ronald V. Myers, Sr., on piano and trumpet Wilton Knott on congas and percussion Rod Shannon, congas and vocals Earlton Batles Manley on congas and percussion Eddy Dunn on congas and percussion Joe Johnson on congas and percussion Noah Jelks on the drums Phillips Stackhouse on the saxophone And Derrick Brown, bass


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