Are you recognizing "June Is Juneteenth African American Jazz Legacy Month?"

Juneteenth Jazz

As the National Juneteenth Jazz Artist (www.JuneteenthJazz.com/press.html), we encourage you to join us in the celebration of our rich Juneteenth Jazz legacy in June.

It is common for jazz to be recognized as an American art form. However, I rarely hear mention or a celebration of the people and the historic community that created the art form.

It is like calling a totem pole an American art form, but neglecting to mention the Native American experience, especially their unique spiritual and cultural lifestyle and historic legacy, from out of which the totem pole was created.

Jazz is known as African American Classical Music (www.JazzSpotliteNews.com). It was created from a people who arrived in chains from the shores of Africa in the belly of slave ships.

A people who created music out of the experience of enslavement to freedom and a continued struggle for justice and equality.

It was on the "19th of June" - Juneteenth Independence Day, that the enslaved in Galveston, Texas received an official announcement of freedom in 1865 (www.19thofJune.com). This was two and a half years after Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

Our ancestors, Americans of African descent, heard the news of freedom and celebrated! Thus creating America's historic second Independence Day and the oldest nationwide African American holiday observance.

Juneteenth is recognized as a state holiday or special day of observance in forty five states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Congress.

We are advocating the establishment of Juneteenth Independence Day as a National Day of Observance, for the purpose of reconciliation and healing from the legacy of enslavement (www.NationalDayofReconciliation.com & www.WorldDayofReconciliation.com).

June is the 152nd year anniversary of Juneteenth in America.

June is also Black Music Month and declared recently, African American Music Appreciation Month, by President Barack Obama.

"June Is Black Music Month!" - CELEBRATING JUNETEENTH JAZZ - "Preserving Our African American Jazz Legacy!"

As legendary and master jazz bassist and educator, Dr. Larry Ridley, says concerning Juneteenth Jazz:

"A celebration of the roots that produced the fruits."

We look forward to you joining us in the celebration of our rich African American jazz legacy in June.

Please feel free to call me concerning the celebration of Juneteenth Jazz in 2017.

Rev. Ronald V. Myers, Sr. , M.D.
Founder & Chairman
National Juneteenth Holiday Campaign
National Juneteenth Christian Leadership Council (NJCLC)
National Association of Juneteenth Jazz Presenters (NAJJP)


National Juneteenth Jazz Artist

African American Jazz Caucus (AAJC)

Founder & Director
Fellowship of Creative Christian Jazz Musicians (FCCJM)

Former Jazz Artist in Residence
Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU)




Celebrating Juneteenth Jazz Celebrating Juneteenth Jazz


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