Hal Holbrook
Jazz Drummer

Hal Holbrook
(Greenville, MS - 7/10/05) - I was born in Jackson, Mississippi and became interested in music and drumming in the 5th grade. I took private drum lessons in Jackson and played all through my school years. In my high school, I was the drum section leader and I played in the marching band, the concert orchestra and the jazz band. I also played drums with several groups and performed at the Mississippi Arts Festival in 1969.

Since moving to the Mississippi Delta in 1979, my interest in jazz became even more enhanced. I became good friends with the late great jazz vibraphonist Richard Goodwin and through him became friends with the legendary jazz pianist Boogaloo Ames. I performed many shows with both musicians and other great artists from Memphis, Tennessee, including jazz vocalist Betty Jacks, the late great pianist Bob Talley, pianists Chris Ward and Carl McKinney, jazz bassist Wilber Steinburg and the late great jazz pianist Phiness Newborn, Jr.

I have also performed with many Delta artists such as jazz blues pianist Eden Brent, blues guitarist John Horton, jazz bassist Chuck Lawson, guitarist Bub Branton and Guitar Charlie, Lit'l Bill Wallace, jazz pianist Sam Brady, bassist Bob Pieczyk, bassist Raphal Semmes, The All Star Band with pianist Terry Baioni, bassist Ralph Morrow, and jazz vocalist Deanna Harper, bassist Victor Pinion, guitarist Bobby Caveness, jazz pianist Dr. Ron Myers, with The Delta Jazz Connection, jazz saxophonist Kevin Lewis, Aaron Smith, Leonard McIntosh, guitarist Billy Smiley, jazz bassist Derrick Brown, bassist Barry Bays and The Generations group.

I have performed at many venues throughout Mississippi, Tennessee and Louisiana, and at many music festivals including The Mississippi Arts Festival, Jubilee Jam, The Cleveland Crosstie Festival, The Hollandale Spring Festival, The Mississippi Blues & Heritage Festival, The Greenwood Blues Festival, The Mount Bayou Festival & Heritage Festival and The Mississippi Folk Life Festival.

In addition to performing with other groups as well as my own group, I also teach drum music lessons to a select number of students each year. I also help with some area school bands to help promote music in the schools.


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