Barry Bays
Jazz Bassist

Barry Bays

(Cleveland, MS - 7/13/05) - Barry Bays, Guitar & Bass instructor at Delta State University since 1988, has been performing Jazz for over thirty years. Beginning on the drums, he soon switched to trumpet, and eventually learned the guitar and bass.

He has performed and recorded with some of the top musicians in the world, including Shawn Lane, Steve Smith, Walfredo Reyes, Jr., Steve Weist, Ron Wilkins, Ed Shaughnessy, Allen Vizzutti, Greg Ruggiero, Johnny Neel, Dorothy Moore, Kristian Dambrino (Miss Mississippi 2005), Fish Michie & Duff Dorrough (The Tangents), Dick Lourie, Nora Jean Bruso, Bobby Keys, Jimmy Karstein, Billy Gibson, John Mohead, Jeff Healey, The Beat Daddys, Jimbo Mathus, Billy Branch, Sam Carr, Eugene Gales, James "T. Model" Ford, Kenny Brown, Willie Foster, Willie King, Little Dave Thompson, Terry “Big T.” Williams, Sid Herring, and the Bluff City Backsliders.

Guitar Player Magazine (January 2004) featured a lengthy interview with Barry and Swede bassist Jonas Hellborg detailing their personal and musical relationships with the late Jazz Fusion keyboard/guitar virtuoso Shawn Lane. Barry also appeared in a special double issue of Living Blues Magazine entitled “Mississippi Blues Today!” Barry, along with P. Renee Foster, contributed to Dr. Stephen A. King’s book Reggae, Rastafari, and the Rhetoric of Social Control. Since its publication, professors at recognized Research I institutions, including the University of North Carolina and Yale University, have used the book in their undergraduate and graduate courses.

In addition, a number of University libraries across the country have added the book to their respective collections. The book has received highly favorable reviews from noted ethnomusicologist Rob Bowman and the 2003 Reggae Festival.

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